Determine Your Financial Goals

For a number of reasons, people choose to refinance. It is vital to know what you want so you can search for the finest loan programs that can help you reach your objectives, whether you’re interested in profiting from a cheap interest rate, consolidating your debt, or putting more resources into saving for your child’s college fund.


Contact Veterans for Veterans 

Once your goals have been established, contact any of our certified loan officers to assist in their realization. By filling out our online application or calling us, it is easy to communicate with a mortgage specialist. Our creditors provide advice and suggestions tailor-made for your needs. We can assist you to understand the specifics of your loan alternatives so that you feel secure about your selections on refinancing.


Selecting Your Loan Program

It will be time to pick your loan program after talking to your loan officer. It comprises the confirmation of monthly payments, lending conditions, and interest rates.  Your loan officer may also provide some preliminary papers such as an estimate of good faith and a declaration of the truth. These documents provide all relevant information on your chosen lending program. After this, we will call you to organize an assessment inspection as the next step.


Processing Your Application

After your documents and credentials have been received and reviewed, we will contact you at the end of the refinancing procedure. This means that a preliminary title report is ordered and that all stakeholders are coordinated to provide a rapid and simple credit procedure. The loan file is then forwarded to a underwriter for review of file for final approval when all papers and information have been validated.


Closing Day 

Veterans for Veterans will contact you when the underwriter has accepted your application for the loan paperwork signature.

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