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Kenneth Davis 

A highly motivated and energetic Loan Officer, Kenneth Davis stands out for his strong passion and great dedication to helping veterans and those looking to buy, sell or refinance. Kenneth’s decision to become a Loan Officer was inspired by the need for a VA Loan specialist and an intense desire to help veterans and others in the mortgage industry accomplish their American dream of owning a home. This was sparked by the high rise of veterans’ benefits going to waste by not owning a place to call home due to the lack of financial literacy and offered benefits that were not readily available to underserved communities.


Kenneth is a decorated U.S. Navy Veteran who diligently defended his country and was discharged honorably from the military service and served aboard the USS Ronald Regan. He holds a decorated academic crown that flaunts a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Nevada State College, a Non-Profit Management certificate and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His educational background has equipped him with sharp business acumen, great interpersonal skills, and the ability to analyze market trends exceptionally well.


Prior to becoming a Loan Officer, Kenneth. He also worked for the Veteran Benefits Administration for 10 years while running a consulting agency specializing in VA benefit education. He draws on these experiences to walk closely with his clients, advise, guide, and offer them valuable education and ongoing support to ensure they have a smooth process while making the most significant transaction in their life – owning a home.


Kenneth has earned valuable knowledge in the mortgage markets, which enables him to offer his clients fast and efficient financial solutions. His career has been defined by a staunch devotion to clients’ needs and a strong emphasis on giving his clients reliable, high-touch services tailored to their individual needs. This way, Kenneth earns clients’ trust, builds strong professional relationships, and continually enjoys dealing with happy and satisfied clients. His life’s career mission is to assure other service members that their families have access to the VA Loan benefits they rightfully deserve.  Kenneth also has an interest in VA Military Disability Consulting.


“A better-informed, responsive and knowledgeable mortgage broker is not available than veterans. It offers an industry-round level of competence, communication, and service. Ken ensures easy transactions, very competitive terms, and superior guidance from the initial contact to the closing table.”


“The consummate professional is the veterans for veterans. I trust that my customers will get the best available and most competitive mortgage from Ken. My customers consistently get skilled counseling, clean service, fast responses, clear communication, and a financed settlement loan. I honestly believe that engaging with veterans is part of taking the best care of my clients.”


Veterans for Veterans provided me a chance to own my first house when other banks turned me off. For years I had tried to enhance my credit. Vet for Vet provided credit counseling and in one month my credit score increased considerably. Now I am privileged to be a landlord. Vet for Vet is a bank rather than a bank! You are an important resource!”

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