Reasons to Refinance

Here are some great reasons why you might refinance your mortgage!

Lower your mortgage rate and payment: No cost and cheap cost solutions are available that can save you money with little or no investment. You can pick our Veterans for Veterans in helping you to decide.


Reduce your term: Use low rates to lower your mortgage loan. Cutting terms means cheaper rates.


Remove mortgage insurance: If you have acquired a property with a decrease of less than 20%, you will probably pay for private insurance (PMI). If you paid off your debt and/or saw a rise in your home’s worth, refinancing will enable you to remove your additional expenses to a point where you have at least 20 percent or 80 percent equity in a loan to value (LTV).

Convert your adjustable rate into a fixed rate: Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is a wonderful method to reduce your payments, particularly if you are an early purchaser or if you initially require smaller payments.

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